etaLINK FAQ – frequently asked questions

Find all relevant frequently asked questions and answers about our etaLINK wireless charging system in the logistics and intralogistics


etaLINK 3000

The wireless 3kW battery charging system

etaLINK 3000 - industrial wireless power - industrielles induktives laden - industrial wireless charging - ifoy winner - handling award winner
etaLINK 12000

Unleashed 12kW wireless power solution

etaLINK 12000 - industrial wireless charging agv and forklift - electric vehicles- 12kW - best product wireless power transfer- winner

Your special batteries for wireless charging

Wiferion etaSTORE LFP - Battery - Batterie - Lithium Ion Battery - Industrial LiFEPo - Lithium Ionen Batterie für FTS, FFS, Flurförderzeuge und AGV

Forklift retrofit for wireless charging

etaTRAY - 48v batterie trog - wireless charging with retrofit tray - kabelloses laden mit batterietrog - ffs, fts, routenzug - staplerbatterie - akku - industrie akku laden

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