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Lithium batteries for AGV (automated guided vehicles) & industrial trucks: etaSTORE

Lithium iron phosphate- & Lithium-titanate Batteries (LTO) for AGV, AMR & mobile robots

Batteries for industrial trucks, mobile robots and autonomous vehicles have very special requirements in terms of performance, lifespan and charging cycles, which is why high-quality lithium-ion batteries are important to avoid unnecessary costs. Knowledge of how to correctly charge the batteries is also important to ensure safety and maintain the functionality of the batteries for industrial trucks.

Lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages. They have a higher efficiency, a much higher energy density and a longer life cycle. They are also much less maintenance than lead acid batteries. Above all, it is possible to charge lithium-ion batteries during short breaks throughout operation with the etaLINK wireless charging system. This wireless in-process charging is essential for the complete automation of the logistics process, also for two or three working shifts.

Wiferion etaSTORE LFP - Battery - Batterie - Lithium Ion Battery - Industrial LiFEPo - Lithium Ionen Batterie für FTS, FFS, Flurförderzeuge und AGV

The lithium battery technology for automated guided vehicles (AGV) have, in addition to the much longer operating time, lifespan and faster charging time, the recharge efficiency exceeds by far and you no longer have to be afraid of the batteries being completely discharged. In the medium term, such automated guided vehicle batteries are cheaper in contrast to the classic lead-acid batteries (SLAB).

Lithium-titanate batteries (LiFePO4 and LTO for AGV)

Wherever the highest demands are placed on endurance, special Li-ion batteries are required. The disadvantages of classic lead-acid batteries are:

  • Cleaning and greasing the battery poles
  • Checking the connections
  • Checking and filling up the battery water levels
  • Cleaning the chargers

They are completely eliminated with the Wiferion system solution, consisting of etaSTORE batteries and the etaLINK systems.

Lithium battery for high performance: etaSTORE

With the automated guided vehicle battery etaSTORE we rely entirely on lithium iron phosphate & lithium-titanate battery technology for AGV. It enables in-process charging, has long lifetimes, significantly simplified processes, battery management and lean infrastructures – and is therefore the most economical solution in logistics in the long term. The close cooperation among other things with Japanese battery cell manufacturers guarantees the outstanding longevity of the battery pack and energy storage, with highest temperature performance, best electrode material for the highest level of safety.

All batteries can be used modularly, have a BMS and meet the current applicable IEC standard 62619 for use in industrial applications as well as UL 2271 – so you can also use etaSTORE outdoors. etaSTORE from Wiferion delivers a operating voltage of 24 V and can be connected in series in pairs of two and at a multiple of that. Thereforey you are able to replace lead-acid batteries, like those used in many service robots, AGVs and electric-powered forklifts with the highest battery safety.

Wiferion - Better - Wireless Power


  • Extremely long service life even at high charging rate
  • In-Process-Charging and high C-rates for fast charging and greater availability with smaller battery capacities
  • Low stand-by consumption and extremely low self-discharge rates
Simpler - Wiferion - Inductive wireless power


  • Capacity can be scaled according to requirements
  • Real-time management of charging and discharging process for optimum battery use
  • Very compact
  • CAN-Bus connectivity for simple integration into your processes
Inductive Power - Industry - Cheaper - etaLINK - Batterie


  • Batteries have a service life of up to ten years, covering the entire lifespan of one or more vehicles
  • Batteries no longer have to be replaced midway through a process
  • No need for separate charging infrastructure or storage of spare batteries

Specifications of etaSTORE batteries
(only available in the EU)

Wiferion etaSTORE LFP - Battery - Batterie - Lithium Ion Battery - Industrial LiFEPo - Lithium Ionen Batterie für FTS, FFS, Flurförderzeuge und AGV


Lithium iron phosphate – The ideal
solution for continuous use

Capacity (nominal) 21 Ah
Voltage (nominal) 25,6 V
Charge rate(C-rate) bis zu 2C
Cycles < 7500
Charge current 42A
Number of batteries
per system
max. 20
Communication system CAN-BUS
IP-Protection IP54
Size (W x H x D) 13,2cm x 18cm x19,5 cm

Modular, connectable in series and with an integrated BMS. With a high charging rate of up to 2C, etaSTORE LFP can be charged from 0-100% in the fastest case in around 30 minutes .

induktiv laden - lithium ion batterie akku für stapler - flurförderzeug - fahrerlose transportsysteme - stapler laden - lithium battery lto - agv


Lithium Titanate – The right choice for high
charging currents & many charge cycles per day

Capacity (nominal) 22 Ah
Voltage (nominal) 25,3 V
Charge rate(C-rate) bis zu 5C
Cycles < 17000
Charge current 125A
Number of batteries
per system
max. 2
Communication system CAN-BUS
IP-Protection IP53
Size (W x H x D) 19cm x 16,8cm x 25cm

Modular, connectable in series and with an integrated BMS. With a high rate of up to 5C, etaSTORE LTO (Lithium-titanate) can be charged from 0-100% in around 12 minutes with high power and cycle life .

etaSTORE LTO - lithium titanate - 24V and 48V configuration - parallel and series / row

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