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With our strong background in power electronics, we have contributed to the development of numerous power converter systems in the field of emobility, energy storage and renewable energy systems.


We don’t consider the wireless power coils as an independent device, but always together with the power electronics. With our deep knowledge in simulation and dimensioning of the power coils and the electronics, we can find the most powerful and compact system design for each application.


We have great expertise in modern battery technologies and help our customers to find the best storage technology for their application. With our large network of battery suppliers, we are able to ship complete energy solutions consisting of a modern lithium battery or supercapacitor and the wireless charging system.


Our innovative etaLINK technology brings wireless charging to the next level with efficiencies far above 90 %. Based on the principle of magnetic induction, we made innovations in several key areas of the system. Modern algorithms and an integrated communication link to the battery management system (BMU) guarantees a gentle fast-charging process for the battery.

Our wireless technology offers numerous advantages for charging mobile vehicles and robots:

Autonomous charging

Autonomous charging

Charging starts automatically every time a vehicle is positioned over the charging pad – there is no need for human intervention.

Fast charging with high power

Fast charging with high power

Our high power chargers reduce charging times and maximize the productivity of your system.

24/7 operation through opportunity charging

24/7 operation through opportunity charging

With the right system design, each stop in the process can be used for wireless recharging.

Abrasion and maintenance-free

Abrasion and maintenance-free

No mechanical contacts means less failure and increased availability.

Compatibility with all battery technologies

Compatibility with all battery technologies

We charge every type of battery and supercapacitor, no matter what technology you are using.

Compact and light weight

Compact and light weight

Space is limited in most vehicles and robots: High efficiency means less thermal losses and enables a compact system design.



The patented etaLINK 3000 system was developed for inductive charging of industrial vehicles within the area of mobile robotics. With our design, the chargers take into account the intelligence and autonomy of the new generation of robotics systems. They can be easily and independently installed and provide the vehicle with all relevant data. The absence of mechanical charging contacts makes it easy to integrate charging the battery into existing processes and thus an intermediate charge of the batteries is possible. This saves time and eliminates the potential dangers posed by open contacts. The etaLINK charging systems are maintenance-free and enable uninterrupted operation over many years.

The etaLINK 3000 System

Wiferion efficient wireless charging - Product - etaLink 3000
Wiferion etaLink Wandstation


  • Single phase 230 V input
  • 1 sec. initialization time for full power
  • CAN Bus connectivity
  • Operating up to 65°C environment
  • Output voltage 15V to 60 V
  • Output power 3kW with 60 A max. current
  • Coil dimension 250mm x 250mm x 20mm
  • Coil distance 15-40mm
  • Coil displacement +- 25mm
Wiferion Wireless Charging Pads - etaLink



BHS Intralogistic - Partner Wiferion
BHS Intralogistics chooses Wiferion as an Energy Solutions Provider

“Thanks to inductive charging system developed by Wiferion, our innovative vehicles can quickly and effectively be charged at higher rates of current. Autonomous charging minimizes loading pauses and thus increases fleet efficiency and capacity utilization. Also, no mechanical contacts mean less failure and increased availability.”[…]

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