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Are you a hardware enthusiast or a guru in embedded programming? Do you love to build great products from the scratch? You are a marketing, sales or production expert? There are many ways how you can contribute to our fast growing tech-startup. Become part of an excellent and passionate team to shape the future with our exciting technology!


    A young and vibrant sunshine city in the southwest of Germany, close to France and Switzerland. Deep in the Black Forest we are surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the winter that melt and flow down our local river in the spring. A hub for green energy, Freiburg strives to be a part of the change for global warming.



    A motivating atmosphere with flat hierarchies, quick decisions, hands-on mentality, team events, free coffee and tea, and more. We believe that every team member in our fast-paced company is highly valuable. We seek employees who have creative problem solving, self-sufficiency, and open communication.

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  • Sebastian Kiss

    Hardware Development

    “It is a dynamic environment to be able to create, improve, enhance and push technology forward. It is quite a good opportunity to get to know all the different aspects of what a company needs. I am interested in many different fields and how they all come together to create a fully functioning company. Here I am allowed to explore bits of other fields not just my own. I have my primary projects within my field of study, but I also get the opportunity to take on projects in other fields. I like our team’s ‘we can do it mentality!’”

  • Tanja Zajonc

    Executive Assistant

    “I like working for a start-up company because you have the possibility to input your own creativity into its development. Our team is very fun, yet still very professional. If someone wanted to work here I would tell them we have great team spirit and to be open for new and exciting challenges.”

  • Daniel Leypold

    Hardware Engineer

    “For me it is very motivating to concentrate on what’s really necessary and reasonable from a technological point of view and to build great products at Blue Inductive. I have a wide variety of mostly interesting technical tasks here and the freedom to work at them and solve them the way I think is best. A good team around me and a management team that values my work. So, a majority of the time working here is fun (“all the time” would be impossible :)). The possibility to work part-time also makes it possible for me to have extra time for my family.”

  • Pascal Asselin

    Hardware Development

    “The team mentality that we have here is great. We work and collaborate together. It is satisfying to work for a start-up that also has long-term plans for its success and that constantly reaches for the means to achieve that goal.”

  • Stacey Nerz

    Marketing Assistant

    “It is nice to see products come to life and to know that you truly have an impact on the success of the company. I like that I can see my ideas come to life and that my opinion matters. Even though I have a specific job it is nice that I am able to take on tasks related to different fields. This makes the job stay interesting. The team is also very friendly and makes new employees feel welcome. There is also a feeling within the company that everyone wants to propel it forward and to be a part of the success as we grow. The products that we are creating really provide a solution within the industry and that is a great feeling, to know you really are working on something that will make a difference.”

  • Ivan Emanov


    “What I like about Wiferion is the flexibility and the freedom of work. Nobody is micromanaging me or creating a strong bureaucracy. I have the chance to work in many different areas. The nature of my work is different. You don’t always have to sit at a computer. This is nice because I get to learn many new things. In a smaller company, like Blue Inductive the distance from my work as an individual to the final project can be seen. This makes what I’m doing feel significant.”