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A market survey in logistics, production and assembly

The logistics and organization consultancy PROLOG-TEAM conducted a study together with the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences on the topic of energy supply for industrial e-vehicles. The energy solution provider for industrial wireless charging systems, Wiferion, provided support for the content and technical design.

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    Energy Supply of AGVs - Study finds a lot optmization potential

    Study: Energy Supply

    Around 50 predominantly large and medium-sized companies from industry, trade and the service sector were surveyed. Within the study, participants were asked about the status quo of their vehicle fleet and energy supply. The results are summarized in this management summary.

    Table of Contents:

    • Initial situation & methodology
    • AGVs on the rise
    • Automation will continue to increase
    • Which batteries will be used?
    • TCO is becoming increasingly important: lithium-ion batteries are convincing
    • Charging as a productivity killer
    • Charging at the last minute
    • Multi-shift operation: potential for automated charging
    • How AGVs are charged
    • Redundant vehicles
    • Uncharted territory: maintenance costs of energy systems
    • One system for all cases
    • Conclusion

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