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Installation for inductive charging and charging stations in the industry

Installation of inductive charging: What are the options in the industry?

Find the best possible installation for inductive charging of industrial trucks, AGVs and robots

Cables were yesterday. Automation in logistics and industry continues to gain momentum. In this context, the efficient energy supply of industrial trucks, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is becoming a decisively competitive factor.

Due to its advantages, inductive charging in combination with a powerful battery is one of today’s trending topics. Wireless chargers have the potential to become the new standard in the industry. There are a plethora of scenarios across the industry where the installation of an inductive charger is beneficial. Many companies are wondering if inductive charging such as etaLINK is right for them. What are the options for installing and positioning wireless charging technology? Is a wireless charger compatible with my setup? On this page we show you the possibilities to install inductive charging stations in your industrial layout and how to charge your vehicles:

wireless charging ground installation - etatiles set - bodeninstallation induktives ladenwireless charging ground installation - etaTILES single - boden Installation induktives laden - batterieladetechnik

Inductive charging stations: More flexibility for rapidly changing environments

The floor mats etaTILES

Due to its smart design wireless charging stations can be installed horizontally at almost all locations of your warehouse and logistics levels. These are sturdy industrial rubber mats that can be laid on the floor as needed. This makes sense if you constantly optimize your processes or have overhang on the vehicle where a vertical installation of the wireless charging station is not possible.

The receiving coil is also integrated into one of the mats and is placed horizontally on the floor. This allows a wireless charger such as etaLINK to be approached from all directions, repositioned in the blink of an eye and automated charging processes flexibly adapted.

  • Flexible use
  • Replaceable at any time
  • Independent installation possible

Wireless charging: vertically, on a wall or on a pedestal

installation vertical - wireless charging installation

To charge your vehicle inductively, the wireless charger can also be installed on the side of walls, pillars or steals. This can be useful wherever, for example, AGVs and AMRs regularly stop in the production process. Especially when the vehicles are transporting sensitive items, this can avoid slight tipping while driving onto a horizontal charging pad. Since no forces are absorbed as is the case with contact chargers, the stationary wireless charging pad can be freely positioned vertically in any position without any problems.

  • No forces are absorbed
  • Flexible and independent installation of inductive charging possible
installation vertikal - wireless charging forklift installation

Fully integrated charging infrastructure. The resilient in-ground solution for contactless charging processes

Wireless Charge Protection System (WCPS)

WCPS - PUK - wireless charging in ground application - installation induktives laden

Whether cars or aircraft parts – in dynamic production and logistics areas, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) support employees and complementary manned vehicles in their daily work. The Wireless Charging Protection System (WCPS) ends the search for solutions on how AGVs can be charged without detours to separate charging zones, directly flush with the ground and as part of the work process. Thus, the WCPS charging infrastructure does not restrict work routes and cross traffic.

WCPS charging infrastructure reliably protects electronics and cable feed, even with heavy loads, and fits seamlessly and becomes an integral part of the building structure. The robust design and floor integration make the solution particularly suitable for environments with intensive load change operations. The load capacity is certified at 15 kN and exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 50085-2-2, allowing you to implement inductive charging even in demanding environments and you can use one charger for all vehicle types.

puk logo - wireless charging ground installation
  • Suitable for the highest loads and all environments
  • Integrated at ground level
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
Sicheres Laden von FTS auch bei schweren Lasten - ground installation wireless power- puk wcps - ebenerdige boden installation induktives laden - Safe charging of AGVs even with heavy loads

These partners and manufacturers have already installed wireless inductive chargers

Product overview

etaLINK 3000

The 3kW inductive battery charging system

etaLINK 3000 - new Mobile Unit 2020 - wireless power - wireless charging - 3kW - induktives laden agv
etaLINK 12000

Unleashed 12kW inductive charging system

LogiMAT 20202 - best product winner - etaLINK 12000 - wireless charging

Your special batteries for wireless charging

Wiferion etaSTORE LFP - Battery - Batterie - Lithium Ion Battery - Industrial LiFEPo - Lithium Ionen Batterie für FTS, FFS, Flurförderzeuge und AGV

Forklift retrofit for wireless charging

etaTRAY - 48v batterie trog - wireless charging with retrofit tray - kabelloses laden mit batterietrog - ffs, fts, routenzug - staplerbatterie - akku - industrie akku laden

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