Super Compact, Contactless, Inductive Charging – CW 1000 with 1 kW

Faster – Safer – Compact

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), such as sorters, shuttles and co. require an efficient energy supply to be fully autonomous. However, current energy solutions for AMRs are often complex, energy inefficient or unsafe. In turn, this leads to unproductive charging and downtime, as well as costly maintenance. That is not compatible with highly synchronized logistics chains and production processes. Therefore, it is important to find more efficient energy solutions to make AMRs fully autonomous and the best value wireless charger on the market.

The new CW 1000 system from Wiferion with 1kW is based on our many years of experience and expertise in the field of efficient energy supply. This has enabled us to develop a contactless charging system that combines electronics and coils. As a result, the system offers numerous advantages such as a compact design, intelligent energy supply and a cost-efficient and reliable power supply for small robots. The system can simply be connected directly to the battery, making it a particularly simple and practical solution.

Smaller robots, larger fleet – even more reasons for an CW 1000 system

The CW 1000 system not only offers advantages for small robots, but also for large fleets of small AGVs and small mobile robots. In addition, the CW 1000 system allows easy integration into existing AGV and robot fleets, making it easier to switch to a more reliable power supply.

Efficient and Flexible Power Solution

Despite its compact size, the CW 1000 offers a very high positioning tolerance to match the size of your robot or application. The CW 1000 contactless inductive battery charging system is fully automatic, maintenance-free and designed for easy integration, small footprint and flexible installation. Intelligent processing of energy data enables an optimal charging process, resulting in a reduction of total cost of ownership. The CW 1000 achieves an efficiency of up to 93% with 1kW.

Efficiency and adaptability: Mobile power supply with in-process charging

Our mobile energy supply solution allows charging pads to be attached at strategic locations for short charging processes during breaks in operation. This eliminates additional charging interruptions and allows vehicles to operate around the clock. This results in an increase in vehicle availability of up to 32% and eliminates unproductive charging time.

CW 1000 can be easily and flexibly set up via plug-and-play in high-traffic locations in your warehouse layout without requiring any changes to the infrastructure. When workflows or processes change, the systems can be moved to other positions in a few simple steps. Its also possible to install it in different postions and orientations.

Advantages of the etaLINK & CW systems

The many benefits of etaLINK systems include improved efficiency, flexibility and adaptability, ensuring maximum productivity and cost savings throughout your operations chain. The systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries and can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. Here is an overview of the benefits:



charging process starts and stops automatically. The full 42A is provided within one second with 93% efficiency.

High position tolerance

High position tolerance

due to contactless charging no exact positioning of the vehicle over the charging spot is necessary.



approching the charging spot from all sides. The charging pad can be quickly installed on walls or on the floor.

Energy management

Energy management

provides valuable information for e.g, battery maintenance concepts or a efficient energy and fleet management.

Clean surface

Clean surface

contactless charging stands for no sparks, no wear, no tear. It produces no abrasion, it is maintenance-free.



the mobile electronics are integrated in the charging pad, which makes CW 1000 very compact. This allows the system to be installed and used in tight spaces and vehicles.

More about CW 1000

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Specifications CW 1000

wiferion - wireless - charging - cw1000 - pads Maße
CW 1000
Continuous charging power 1000 W / 1 kW
Charging voltage 15, 24, 32, 48, 60 V
Charging current up to 42 A
Protection class Stationary coil: IP65 und IP68
Mobile coil: IP54
Optimum distance 5 – 30 mm
Position tolerance +/– 30 mm


Mobile electronics are integrated into the mobile coil and connected directly to the battery!

You have additional questions to our etaLINK wireless charging system? Visit our FAQs!

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How to Install CW 1000

Vertical / Wall Installation

vertical or wall installation wireless charging 1000 watt - industrial

Horizontal / Floor Installation

floor or horizontal installation wireless charging 1000 watt - industrial
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