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Accerion positioningsystems for Automated Guided Vehicle

Two companies with one goal: to improve Automated Guided Vehicle efficiency with flexible, high-performance components, such as etaLINK, our wireless battery charging system, and Accerion’s positioning technology, which requires no infrastructure. A perfect match.


Thanks to Vincent Burg for the stimulating exchange as we embark on a long-term partnership.

More Information: accerion.tech

Accerion for AGVs is significantly cheaper than a laser navigation with the small downturn of being a little less precise. However, the lack of precision is also not necessary for many logistics applications. On the other side, for the positioning of charging contacts the preciseness is key. Wiferion closes the here the gap. Our system has significantly fewer requirements for navigation precision. So, the combination of both systems becomes a real customer benefit: a win-win-win!


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etaLINK is nominated for the IFOY Award 2020

Our etaLINK 3000 inductive battery charging system has been nominated for the IFOY Award 2020 (International Intralogistics Forklift Truck of the Year). At the IFOY test days in February, we will present our scalable energy solution for electrically powered industrial trucks to the international jury of experts.

etalink 3000 - Wiferion - inductive_charging_wireless efficient power - IFOY award 2020

etaLINK 3000 is the world’s first contactless fast charging system with 3 kW power and an efficiency of 93%. It can be installed quickly and easily at critical points in the logistics and production environment using a charging pad and enables the “in-process charging” of lithium-ion batteries. This enables completely new automation concepts and the batteries used can be significantly smaller than in traditional charging processes. Due to the removed downtimes during charging breaks, our system can increase vehicle availability by up to 30%.


Further information on the IFOY Award 2020 nomination can be found here: https://www.ifoy.org/ifoy-2020/nominierungen-2020/eta-link-wireless-charging-system

Henkel + Roth meets Wiferion

As a modern and future-oriented company, HENKEL + ROTH sees it as its most important task to supply its customers with high-quality, innovative machines. For this reason, the company relies on Wiferion’s energy solutions for the implementation of their MR 3.0 mobile robot. The autonomous assembly robot for modern machine tools receives its energy from modern lithium-ion batteries from Wiferion, which are charged in the process by the inductive charging system etaLINK 3000. Thanks to the flexible and scalable integration of Wiferion products, Henkel & Roth will be able to offer its demanding international customers even more efficient automation solutions in the future and thus establish itself as a modern supplier on the market.

Wireless charging system supplier expands its range

The logistics start-up company Blue Inductive is now called Wiferion. The leading supplier of wireless charging solutions for electric industrial vehicles has transformed itself into a system provider for mobile, contactless energy supply. Wiferion provides complete energy solutions consisting of inductive charging systems, modern lithium-ion batteries and services. Users benefit from fully automated energy and fleet management.

Wiferion develops and sells wireless energy systems for electrically powered industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and mobile robotic applications. The scalable, modular energy systems are based on the patented etaLINK 3000 inductive charging system – which is already used by well-known industrial and logistics companies. The charging solution does not require plug-in or sliding contacts and enables fast and efficient in-process charging of batteries. Wiferion thus offers its customers effective technology to automate their charging processes. “The new branding underlines our development from a charging system manufacturer into a full-range supplier for energy requirements of automated electric vehicles as battery systems and various service packages are now also included in our range of services”, explains Florian Reiners, CEO of Wiferion. CFO Johannes Mayer emphasizes: “We believe that autonomous, electric driving will be the future of mobility. This revolution is already in full progress in intralogistics. With our energy management systems, we help companies to realize efficient and climate-friendly production.”

Flexible power supply for industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and co.

The lithium-ion battery is currently continuing its rapid victory march in the logistics sector. This technology offers up to 20 times longer service life, shorter charging times and maintenance-free operation compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. In-process charging is also no problem for lithium-ion batteries. Charging processes can therefore be flexibly integrated into intralogistics procedures. Wired, stationary charging systems, on the other hand, considerably limit the degree of automation. Wiferion’s mobile, wireless charging systems and energy management solutions make it possible to implement completely new processes. Users benefit from reduced downtime, wear-free operation and lower costs thanks to smaller battery capacities and economical intermediate In-process charging options.

Wiferion attracts large international investor to fuel global expansion

The Freiburg-based tech company Wiferion, formerly known as Blue Inductive, is already the category leader within high-performance wireless charging solutions for robots and industrial vehicles. Now, with a capital injection from a Nordic PE Fund and its existing investors High-Tech Gruenderfonds, PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures, the MBG Baden-Wuerttemberg and VC Fonds BW, the Fraunhofer spin-off, is ready to fuel its vision to become the standard of wireless charging for the global electrified economy.

In the transformation of the fourth industrial revolution, the need to manage the storage and transfer of the electric energy that makes the majority of vehicles and mobile robots run, becomes increasingly important. Wiferion has since its incorporation in 2016 been developing and selling highly efficient wireless charging systems for both industrial end-users, such as automotive OEMs, as well as manufacturers of mobile robots, industrial trucks and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).
Wiferion has established itself as market leader in the category of high-speed wireless charging for industrial applications. In addition to wireless charging hardware, the company offers a complete energy management solution for industrial vehicle fleets including smart battery systems.

Global ambitions

Although Wiferion just started serial production in 2018 it already has an impressive customer list validating its unique competitive and technological edge in the market. Still, with the ambition of becoming one of the transformers of the electrified economy, the founders knew they needed not only to bring in more capital, but also attract a long-term strategic investment partner, who could actively support the execution of the strategy.

Wiferion’s customers also look favorably on the company’s global ambitions. KUKA, a leading global supplier of industrial robots and automated production solutions chose Wiferion as their partner to bring wireless charging into their new mobile robot platforms.

Strong investor

Nordic Alpha Partners’ strategy behind its involvement in Wiferion is to enable a quick expansion to more markets. Partner in Nordic Alpha Partners, Laurits Bach Sørensen, explains: “We invest in companies that have the potential to dominate their categories globally. But the potential of Wiferion goes far beyond them spearheading high-performance wireless charging. In fact, we believe that their innovative technology and capabilities can make them the true enabler of the electrified economy. During the 1st wave of the electrified economy, everyone has focused on bringing more effective battery technologies to the market. But together with Wiferion we essentially believe that there is a classical early phase misconception of what the true driver for mass market conversion will be.” Says Laurits Bach Sørensen and continues: “To put it into perspective; if your electric car, robot, bus or forklift can seamlessly charge with minimal energy loss and reduce the need for expensive and heavy battery packages – why would even consider fossil based energy sources? This technology is what Wiferion can provide today, and with our investment we believe we can make it become the standard.” Additionally, Johannes Mayer, CFO of Wiferion, comments: “Due to their global perspective, the methodic hands-on approach and bringing in resources beyond capital, we feel certain that Nordic Alpha Partner can perfectly fuel our ambition of taking Wiferion to a full global expansion”.

Next steps

With the large investment from Nordic Alpha Partners the way is now paved for global expansion. Co-founder and CEO of Wiferion, Florian Reiners, explains: “The investment enables us to rapidly expand to more markets and spearhead standardization of high-speed wireless charging in relevant industry segments. In addition, we are also expanding our product selection from our current 3 kW inductive charging unit to a system capable of a maximum continuous charging power of 12 kW which will further increase our addressable market.”

BHS Intralogistics chooses Wiferion as an Energy Solutions Provider.

“Thanks to the inductive charging system developed by Wiferion, our innovative iShuttles can quickly and effectively be charged with higher rates of currency. Autonomous charging minimizes loading pauses and thus increases fleet efficiency and capacity utilization. Also, no mechanical contacts mean less failure and increased availability.

These lithium-ion batteries consistently deliver high levels of performance – indispensable for BHS iMotion – a complete solution for a seamless network of goods and software for Industry 4.0. This is achieved through the use of driverless transport systems, intelligent navigation systems based on object recognition and the use of robotics technology.

Together with our cutting-edge cooperation partner Wiferion we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions featuring state-of-the-art individualized concepts and automated storage systems for hardware and software. We were able to achieve this because BHS Intralogistics and Wiferion have certain things in common: both companies are not only innovative and have learned how to deal with rapid growth, but also have fast time-to-market.”

– BHS Intralogistics

If you want to know more about BHS Intralogistics, click here.

We are officially ISO 9001:2015 certified!

Since Blue Inductive’s establishment in 2015 our company has grown steadily. It is important to have in place structures that allow for equality and quality across the board. Whether it be in product development, production or customer satisfaction, we want it all to be taken care of with organization in place. This allows for each department to have the highest quality possible.

(as written on the iso.org website)
ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization::

    1. needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
    2. aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.

Blue Inductive is officially certified and looks forward to continued work and success in being a well structured and dependable company for its customers.

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