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etaHUB: Smart Robot Charging for AGV and AMR Fleets

Charge Optimization Platform for Improved Safety and Efficiency

The market for mobile robots is growing rapidly. Fleets are getting larger all the time and are distributed across a number of sites. Obtaining precise live data about the status of every single robot is therefore crucial for safe, efficient operation.

Smart Robot Charging with the Charge Optimization Platform

With our etaHUB charge optimization platform, we are offering the world’s first solution for cloud based smart robot charging. etaHUB makes it possible for the first time to carry out remote diagnosis and error correction in the energy systems of automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and other electric vehicles. The software extends the battery operating life and increases the productivity of the vehicles. Through intelligent charging management, we help you to reduce the energy consumption of your robots.

All the advantages of smart robot charging at a glance

  • Evaluation of over 70 pieces of energy data
  • Live dashboards for all energy supply components
  • Remote maintenance of energy system
  • Lower maintenance and servicing costs
  • Simple integration into fleet management systems
  • Up to 10% longer battery operating life
  • Lower electricity costs due to peak shaving
etaHUB überwacht den Ladezustand von FTS und AMR in Echtzeit. Smart Roboter Charging - Intelligentes Roboter laden - etaHUB monitors the state of charge of AGVs and AMRs in real time - charge optimization platform

Robot fleets cannot be scaled without energy data

Because traditional charging solutions do not record energy data, large robot fleets for OEMs and users are a real challenge in terms of servicing, maintenance and safety.

High servicing costs

If an error occurs in a robot’s energy system, it cannot be localized online. A service engineer must find and correct the error on site. The affected robot is left idle. The more AGVs and AMRs there are in use, the higher the costs of servicing and increasing production downtimes.

Shorter battery working life

Because of a lack of data, robots are often charged with a high C rate – irrespective of the actual order volume. This shortens the working life of the battery.

High energy costs

A fleet manager without etaHUB starts the charging process as soon as a particular battery capacity value is reached. Consequently, many robots move to the charging stations at the same time. As a result, energy consumption for a site increases dramatically in the short term, causing high costs due to peaks in load.

Optimized charge for your mobile robots

etaHUB evaluates over 70 data points in the AGV and AMR energy systems. These include battery temperature, mains voltage and battery status (state of health, SoH).

Die Lösung von Wiferion ermöglicht es, die Energiesysteme großer Roboterflotten online zu überwachen. Smart Roboter Charging - Intelligentes Roboter laden - Wiferion's solution makes it possible to monitor the energy systems of large robot fleets online - charge optimization platform

The result is the first smart robot charging solution for mobile robots.

  • You evaluate faults in the energy system online and correct bugs remotely instead of sending a service engineer.
  • You obtain precise information and forecasts about the battery status and remaining working life.
  • Integrated into a fleet manager, etaHUB draws up an optimum charging plan for every robot – based on its utilization.
  • You operate your fleets with a perfect balance between transport task and charging breaks at an unprecedented level of efficiency.
  • You charge your robots when the electricity costs are lowest.
  • You reduce your CO² balance. You can link the data with the energy mix (proportion of renewable energies).
etaHUB Logo - Smart Robot Charging - Charge Optimization Platform - Intelligentes Roboter laden

Our etaHUB products for smart charging operations

etaHUB _start

You optimize the integration of the charging systems into your robots. Our intelligent algorithms analyze the system data and provide you with important information as to whether all the components are working perfectly and are correctly configured.

etaHUB _serve

You monitor the charging status of your robots in real time. If an error occurs in the energy system, this is shown in the dashboard. You receive a push message on your PC or smartphone. You immediately receive detailed analyses of the status of all important parameters. Fault analysis is carried out remotely.

etaHUB _monitor

etaHUB draws up forecasts concerning the expected battery operating life. In this way, you can plan the maintenance or replacement of the battery before robot malfunctions can occur. The software stores all the information centrally in a battery pass.

etaHUB _control

In combination with a fleet manager, AGVs charge up with precisely the amount of energy that they need – without redundant charging times. Robot performance improves. If the battery temperature is too high, the system communicates with the fleet operators. The robot moves into a safety zone.

etaHUB _extend

Intelligent algorithms extend the battery operating life by up to 10% through intelligent control of the charging and discharging speed (C rate).

etaHUB _reduced

You save energy costs. Smart charging makes it possible to plan the charging times of mobile robots in times when electricity costs are lower – at night, for example, when electricity demand is generally lower. It is also possible to couple this with data about the energy mix (proportion of renewable energies) from energy management systems.

Contact us for more information about the Charge Optimization Platform and Smart Robot Charging with etaHUB for vehicle charge.


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