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The latest media and video releases of wireless power and energy management by Wiferion at a glance.
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Wiferion Media – Product Animation

“In-Process-Charging”  and wireless power animation video of Wiferion.

Find out, how the perfect alligned components of wireless power and energy management by Wiferion allow the charging of industrial e-vehicles during your production or logistic process.

Wiferion wireless charging and batteries product overview

Our CEO, Florian Reiners, gives you a sneak peak of our Award Winning etaLINK System in this product overview playlist! 4-components is all you need to charge your e-vehicles magically without contacts almost everywhere. The videos are splitted into the different components of the system.

Advantages and security of wireless charging

See all the advantages and security for opportunity charging with contactless, wireless charging for agv, industrial trucks, forklifts, cobots and other (autonomous) vehicles in the industry in one video. Hier gehts zur deutschen Version.

Testimonials / User Stories

Customers, OEMs, developers and manufactors talking about the benefits of the industrial wireless charging systems and different solutions.

STILL LTX 50 – LR Intralogistik

STILL LTX 50 Tugger Train at LR Intralogistik with Wiferion etaLINK 3000 wireless power

Wiferion wins “Best Product Award” at LogiMAT 2020

See the different applications in the LogiMAT 2020 wireless power winning teaser.

SMA Solar Technology AG

Interview mit Andreas Nolte beim SMA Logistikzentrum Head of Maintenance über induktives Laden bei Flurförderzeugen in einem 40.000m² Lager.

IFOY Awards 2020 / Hannover

with a Tugger Train from STILL LR Intralogistic and AGV Brunner Maschinenbau with inductive power

Brunner Maschinenbau

AGV with wireless charging by

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Media about wireless power & batteries by Wiferion

The latest publications in print and online about wireless power, the electrification of the global economy and Wiferion products.

MM Logistik

  • MM Logistik - beste produkt - etalink


  • LogiMAT TV - Wiferion - best product 2020


  • materialfluss transportsysteme - zwischenladen - in-process-charging

Venture Capital

  • Venture Capital Magazin Case Study Induktives Laden

FTS- / AGV- Facts Coverstory

FTS- / AGV - Facts Magazin - Wiferion Wireless Charging - batteries

Fördern & Heben

Fördern und Heben - Vor Ort - Wirtschaft - wireless power

Handling Network

Wiferion Cover - Material Handling Network - Spring 2020

Technische Logistik (p.50-53)

technische logistik - kosten senken - verfügbarkeit steigern mit wiferion induktivem laden

LogiMAT 2020 Daily

LogiMAT 2020 Daily - Wiferion Wireless Charging - in process charging

Technische Logistik (p.54)

tehnische logistik - wiferion - automatisiert induktives laden - etaLINK

Logistik Heute

Magnetisch aufladen - BHS Intralogistics- kabellos laden - wiferion

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