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Wiferion enters into partnership with expert Stäubli WFT for industrial mobility

Whether in production or logistics – the automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Stäubli WFT are used in almost all industries. In order to guarantee its customers more efficient logistics processes, the technology group has entered into a partnership with Wiferion as the exclusive supplier of wireless charging technology. In future, all autonomous vehicles from Stäubli WFT will be available with the etaLINK 3000 series inductive battery charging system. By integrating the wireless charging solution into its systems, the AGV expert is reacting to the increasing customer demand for intelligent charging concepts.

Above: Inductive charging technology for more efficient applications – here in use at Siemens: The powerful AGVs from Stäubli WFT open up completely new production and logistics concepts. © Siemens

Stäubli WFT stands for “flexible motion in the factory”. The company’s AGV solutions are designed for the heaviest loads of up to 500 t and are extremely mobile. The patented, efficient drive technology of the vehicles enables omnidirectional mobility and thus more flexibility and optimum energy efficiency. In order to be able to offer its customers more flexible designs of its solutions, Stäubli WFT relies on the wireless battery charging systems from Wiferion.

Thanks to etaLINK 3000, Stäubli WFT AGVs can be supplied with wireless power – even during short stops. © Wiferion
Stäubli WFT wireless charging - fully automated
All Stäubli WFT autonomous vehicles are available with the Wiferion inductive battery charging system. © Stäubli

“As an innovation-driven company, customers expect us to always offer them the most modern and economical solution. The energy supply of our vehicles is important for our success”, explains Michael Ries, Technical Sales Support at Stäubli WFT. “Wiferion’s inductive charging systems enable us to rethink intralogistic processes and procedures from scratch and achieve considerable productivity increases through the concept of ,in-process charging’. The company’s inductive charging systems also enable us to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Reliable energy system for more productivity at Stäubli WFT

With the etaLINK 3000 from Wiferion, the AGVs from Stäubli WFT can be supplied with energy without contact – even during short stops. The wireless charging process starts fully automatically within one second with 3 kW power and an efficiency of 93 %. Downtimes outside the process due to charging phases are completely eliminated, enabling 24/7 operation. In addition, the omnidirectional approachability of the charging points as well as the robustness and maintenance-free nature of the charging solutions are decisive factors for integration into the AGV. “We have selected the technology on the basis of benchmarking. Wiferion is the clear leader here and offers us a reliable and mature system according to industry standards,” explains Michael Ries. “Together with Wiferion we enable our customers to save even more time, money and resources.

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