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The logistics start-up company Blue Inductive is now called Wiferion. The leading supplier of wireless charging solutions for electric industrial vehicles has transformed itself into a system provider for mobile, contactless energy supply. Wiferion provides complete energy solutions consisting of inductive charging systems, modern lithium-ion batteries and services. Users benefit from fully automated energy and fleet management.

Wiferion develops and sells wireless energy systems for electrically powered industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and mobile robotic applications. The scalable, modular energy systems are based on the patented etaLINK 3000 inductive charging system – which is already used by well-known industrial and logistics companies. The charging solution does not require plug-in or sliding contacts and enables fast and efficient in-process charging of batteries. Wiferion thus offers its customers effective technology to automate their charging processes. “The new branding underlines our development from a charging system manufacturer into a full-range supplier for energy requirements of automated electric vehicles as battery systems and various service packages are now also included in our range of services”, explains Florian Reiners, CEO of Wiferion. CFO Johannes Mayer emphasizes: “We believe that autonomous, electric driving will be the future of mobility. This revolution is already in full progress in intralogistics. With our energy management systems, we help companies to realize efficient and climate-friendly production.”

Flexible power supply for industrial trucks, driverless transport systems and co.

The lithium-ion battery is currently continuing its rapid victory march in the logistics sector. This technology offers up to 20 times longer service life, shorter charging times and maintenance-free operation compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. In-process charging is also no problem for lithium-ion batteries. Charging processes can therefore be flexibly integrated into intralogistics procedures. Wired, stationary charging systems, on the other hand, considerably limit the degree of automation. Wiferion’s mobile, wireless charging systems and energy management solutions make it possible to implement completely new processes. Users benefit from reduced downtime, wear-free operation and lower costs thanks to smaller battery capacities and economical intermediate In-process charging options.

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