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Robust processes, more productivity and no maintenance – four years after being named “Best Product”, Wiferion is the standard for the contact-free transfer of power to mobile robots. Wiferion is appearing at LogiMAT 2024 as PULS Wireless for the first time. Also there: More than 20 robot manufacturers who can tell users all about the advantages in practical use.

Wiferion at LogiMAT 2024 as PULS Wireless for the first time

Standardization is one of the most important topics in mobile robotics at the moment. In this context, Wiferion has now become synonymous with the inductive transfer of power to automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR). For the first time since the takeover, PULS is therefore presenting the Wiferion brand as the new charging standard in mobile robotics. “The fact that our charging systems are now listed in the specifications of major car manufacturers underscores this positioning”, says Julian Seume, former CSO of Wiferion and now Director of the PULS Wireless Business Unit. In Hall 6, Booth 6F76, trade visitors can find out how the leading charging technology can help them to optimize and standardize their transport processes with wireless charging.

logimat logo mit wireless charging
Find PULS wireless in Hall 6, Booth 6F76 at LogiMAT 2024
SAFELOG AGV M4 wireless battery charging - FTS Ladestation - AGV Charging Station

The Wiferion standard eliminates this redundant charging infrastructure – LogiMAT 2024

“More than 20 OEMs are charging using our systems at LogiMAT. This is a major advantage, especially with mixed fleets.” Until now, users had to build up a separate charging infrastructure for each manufacturer because the charging devices were not compatible with each other. This not only increases the complexity and susceptibility to faults of the entire system – it also adds to the costs for installation and maintenance. There is no need for this redundant charging infrastructure with the Wiferion standard.

First Wiferion product is produced in PULS’ own facilities

Furthermore, PULS Wireless is showing the new compact inductive CW 1000 charging system with a capacity of 1kW, which was specially developed for small goods-to-person robots. With this, Wiferion is closing a gap in the market, as in this fastest growing mobile robotics segment, there has so far been no reliable wireless charging option because of the compact design of the small AMRs. The new mobile charging unit is 36% smaller than that used with the etaLINK 3000 and the mobile electronics assembly is now integrated directly in the charging pad. A sophisticated cooling system prevents excessive heat build-up. At the same time, the 1kW system has all the advantages of the larger models, such as high positioning tolerance, maintenance-free operation and fast start-up of power transfer in around 1 second. The new fast charging system is the first Wiferion product that is being produced by PULS in its own production facilities in order to ensure the highest possible quality standards.

CW 1000 - charge wireless 1000 - charging pads - inductive charging - agv - amr
The new compact wireless charging system with an output of 1 kW has been specially developed for small goods-to-person robots.

In addition, those who are interested can also find out about more PULS power supply products for intralogistics, such as the decentralized field power supply FIEPOS.

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    • What does the renaming of Wiferion to PULS Wireless mean?
      The renaming represents the ongoing development and standardization in mobile robotics, where Wiferion plays a key role.
    • What are the benefits of the Wiferion CW 1000 charging system?
      The Wiferion 1kW system is specifically designed for small robots and offers a compact, powerful, and maintenance-free solution.
    • How is Wiferion used in the automotive industry?
      Wiferion’s charging systems are prescribed in the specifications of major automotive corporations, underscoring their significance and reliability in the industry.
    • What are the main products of PULS Wireless besides Wiferion?
      In addition to Wiferion, PULS Wireless offers products such as FIEPOS for decentralized field power supply.
    • What role does standardization play in mobile robotics?
      Standardization is crucial for the efficiency, compatibility, and ultimately the success of mobile robotics systems in various industries.
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