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About us & the Company

We are Wiferion, the industry’s leading supplier of automated, wireless power supply systems.
We maximize the performance of industrial electric vehicles such as autonomous guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR), forklifts and collaborative robots (CoBots) – with inductive charging systems that revolutionize the intralogistical workflows.

Our technology gives you unprecedented fleet efficiency. And it’s maintenance-free, reliable and flexible.
With our disruptive charging technology, we are an integral part of automated production, helping companies to increase productivity while reducing their project costs.


No more empty vehicle batteries – that’s our promise.
With our unique charging technology, electric vehicles and robots will always have plenty of power.
We were founded by researchers. They developed the world’s most efficient inductive charging system at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. And then they kicked off our success story.
In just a few years, we became the world market leader for the wireless power supply of industrial electric vehicles. And we’re growing fast.
From production logistics, through fulfillment and warehousing to agriculture and shipping – we’ve sold thousands of charging systems in over 20 countries. Our products are used by over 100 OEMs and leading providers of automation and robotics solutions. These include practically every German car manufacturer and the major logistics and e-commerce companies.
As the official European distribution partner of Murata high-performance batteries, we offer energy solutions that are perfectly matched to the application. And we have had our own subsidiary in the USA since 2022.

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We can provide you with everything from one source: the multi-award winning etaLINK charging systems, the powerful etaSTORE batteries and the cloud-based energy management software etaHUB. Because only when all components are perfectly harmonized can the supply of power be stable and efficient. If intelligent data analysis is added in, the system can be further optimized. That way, we can ensure a longer battery working life, lower maintenance costs and improved vehicle operating times.

Company & Production

With over 5000 products, we are complete in scaling mass production in Germany.

wiferion company unternehmen produktion production 5000 pcs - etalink
wiferion company unternehmen produktion production 5000 pcs - etalink
wiferion company unternehmen produktion production 5000 pcs - etalink
wiferion company unternehmen produktion production 5000 pcs - etalink
wiferion company unternehmen produktion production 5000 pcs - etalink


2015 Start of product development of etaLINK 3000 by four former Fraunhofer ISE researchers
2016 Founding of Blue Inductive GmbH
2018 CE certification for etaLINK 3000
2018 Market launch of etaLINK 3000
2019 Distribution partnership with Murata
2019 Financing of the A series
2019 Framework agreement with KUKA for the supply of the etaLINK 3000 charging system for an AGV platform
2019 Change of name to Wiferion GmbH
2020 Market launch of etaLINK 12000 at LogiMAT 2020
2020 “Best Product” award at LogiMAT for etaLINK 12000
2020 “Start-up of the Year” at the IFOY Awards
2021 Introduction of second generation etaLINK 3000
2021 Framework agreement with SAFELOG (one of Europe’s largest AGV manufacturers)
2022 Founding of Wiferion North America Inc
2022 Product certification for the American market (UL)

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