Security and advantages of wireless charging

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Hey I’m Andreas and I’m responsible for product management here at Wiferion and today I want to give you a short introduction in the core aspects of our charging technology.

One 4 All charging solution

The first aspect I’d like to talk about is that our charges are actually a one for all charging technology. That means: Once you have installed it’s inductive charging spot in your facility, it doesn’t matter what kind of battery voltage or what kind of vehicle is using one supported wireless charging pad. A charging pad can be used by any vehicle and battery chemistry without being reconfigured. So that makes charging and planning of charging facility much more easy.

The other aspect I’d like to talk about is that our charging pad is IP rated 65. And 68. That means. That in comparison to charging as you know it today you don’t have to worry about where you are installing a inductive charging pad because we’re just encapsulated.

Omnidirectional approach and high positioning tolerance

The second aspect, I’d like to present to you is unique to our technology as well. And it is basically meaning that whenever you arrive at a charge a spot doesn’t matter if you’re a backwards driving front driving or sideways. You can charge no matter how you approach the charging station. You can even turn on one of our own charging spots. And this is also giving you a lot of more freedom than for other technologies like charging cables. Once you’re positioned at the charging spot we can give you 30 Millimeters of displacement which are a lot and where we still transfer maximum power. This is also something that should be helpful for you in your planning.

No contacts – means no regular maintenance

One aspect I’d also like to talk about is our system transfers power without needing a physical connection off a stationary component and a component on the vehicle. So with this there’s a lot of benefits coming around. First is there is nowhere. So you don’t need to worry about wear and tear, charging contacts being worn off or connectors being worn off.

There’s even no cleaning or no maintenance unnecessary in the sense of maybe taking care that there is no corrosion or something. So this is really something you don’t need to worry about. Then once you maybe leave a charging position you really usually need to deactivate contacts in order to prevent sparks or other influence on your environment.

Full power in just one second an all relevant data as well

And all this together is something that is provided by having a contact that’s charging system besides power on charging system, also transfers data. This is really important for you if you’re thinking about optimizing your operation or minimizing downtime. We have an integrated communication channel that allows exchange of data from stationary through the mobile side. And for explanation or as example once your vehicle is approaching one of our charging spot there’s the communication already starting. So once your vehicle is stop. The charging process can immediately be started as we use a magnetic field to transfer power.

Inductive spot charging = safe charging

There is one question that usually is addressed to us when we’re in the planning phase of a project and that is. How does the magnetic field have implications on the staff working around those charging spots. And I’d like to point to this graphic we’ve prepared right here and you can see that when the system is turned off and there is no vehicle at the wireless charging pad there’s no implication for the staff or worker in your facility. So just when the vehicle is position on the charging spot the system is activated and charge wirelessly only then there’s a magnetic field between the coils very concentrated and not hovering much into the facility.

What are the Advantages of wiferion`s wireless charging standard?

So we’re now coming to the end of this presentation and we’ve summed up all these topics and advantages of wireless charger right here. I will not go into detail on each of these issues. I wanted to really sum it up and break it down to the basic message I wanted to get across here.

With our technology you can focus on planning your process your internal logistics or your production process. And then once you’re done with this important part of your work you can spread our charges freely in your facility, not like cable chargers. So with our technology you can realize real in process charging.

And we hope that with this you take away a lot of issues on your paying side and help you create easier and faster systems. So I’d like to say thank you for listening to us right now. And please feel free that in case you have any additional question to reach out to us and let’s discuss and see how we can help you.

  • Omnidirectional approach
  • All 4 One Chargering for every Vehicle
  • Security
  • Efficiency like cable charger
  • No wear and tear
  • Weather Restiance
  • Fast charging with the right batteries

Advantages of wireless charging at a glance

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