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“Thanks to the inductive charging system developed by Wiferion, our innovative iShuttles can quickly and effectively be charged with higher rates of currency. Autonomous charging minimizes loading pauses and thus increases fleet efficiency and capacity utilization. Also, no mechanical contacts mean less failure and increased availability.

These lithium-ion batteries consistently deliver high levels of performance – indispensable for BHS iMotion – a complete solution for a seamless network of goods and software for Industry 4.0. This is achieved through the use of driverless transport systems, intelligent navigation systems based on object recognition and the use of robotics technology.

Together with our cutting-edge cooperation partner Wiferion we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions featuring state-of-the-art individualized concepts and automated storage systems for hardware and software. We were able to achieve this because BHS Intralogistics and Wiferion have certain things in common: both companies are not only innovative and have learned how to deal with rapid growth, but also have fast time-to-market.”

– BHS Intralogistics

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