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Alexander Annandale is the new Key Account Manager International at Wiferion. The sales expert, who lives in Spain, is responsible for the European sales and growth strategy of the leading solution supplier for the mobile, wireless power supply of electric industrial vehicles. With this new position, Wiferion is intensifying its cooperation with the European OEMS in the AGV, AMR and FCV sector in order to push forward with its inductive charging technology and establish it as standard in power supply.

Wiferion expands international sales network

Except for the German-speaking region and Turkey, Alexander Annandale is responsible for customer support in Europe. “Wiferion has an outstanding product portfolio for the automated power supply of electrically operated industrial vehicles. My goal is to further expand our rapidly growing customer base and to work with our partners to make the huge advantages of our wireless charging technology available to end customers,” says the new Key Account Manager. “I am delighted that, in Alexander Annandale, we have found a top-class sales specialist,” says Julian Seume, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Wiferion. “He has an excellent international network and has already specialized in the past in proving the profitability of new business models.”

Alexander Annandale - Key Account Manager International (Europe) - Wiferion
Alexander Annandale is the new Key Account Manager International at Wiferion

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