Whitepaper Collaborative Robots (CoBots) and Mobile Manipulators (MoMas)

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    Integration of CoBots and AMRs

    Solutions for energy problems

    Wireless Power Kit

    Increasing efficiency

    Immerse yourself in the avant-garde of robotics with our special white paper on mobile manipulators (MoMas)

    Learn how the avant-garde synthesis of collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots is ushering in a renaissance of flexibility and efficiency in production environments. This detailed document highlights the key aspects and pioneering approaches that are essential for the successful integration of mobile manipulators into your production facility.

    Why should you choose mobile manipulators?

    In an era of accelerated technological progress and a growing shortage of skilled workers, MoMas are proving to be an agile and cost-effective method of automating complex processes. The interaction of AMRs and cobots creates extremely adaptable systems that can independently master a wide range of tasks – from material processing to precision mechanical work.

    Innovation through the Wireless Power Kit

    Innovation through the Wireless Power Kit: The Wireless Power Kit marks a revolutionary advance that enables efficient power supply to the MoMas. Thanks to Wiferion`s wireless charging technology, these robots can work almost without interruption, resulting in a significant increase in productivity. Our white paper explains how you can use this technology to increase the efficiency of your production processes.

    Wiferion Power Kit - Mobile Manipulatoren - Collaborativ Robots - CoBot - MoMa - AMR - AGV - wireless charging

    Overcoming the challenges of supplying energy to mobile manipulators

    A central theme of our white paper is the energy supply of these mobile systems. We discuss the problems and their solutions in detail, in particular the possibilities of inductive charging, which ensures a continuous and efficient power supply and thus significantly extends the operating time.

    Increase productivity and security with this white paper on mobile manipulators

    The document illustrates how mobile manipulators not only increase the speed of work, but also improve occupational safety by relieving people of dangerous or monotonous tasks. They are also ideal for use in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms.

    Download our free whitepaper and find out how you can take full advantage of mobile manipulators to revolutionize your production processes and make them future-proof. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of technological development – your path to innovative automation starts here!

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