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Wiferion, the leading solution provider in mobile wireless power supply for industrial trucks and mobile robots is entering the North American market and has founded a subsidiary in Chicago. With this step, The German tech company is responding to the great demand in north America for its award-winning and now also UL-certified charging solution. With the new subsidiary, Wiferion is able to enhance it’s on site service and support offer, as well as it’s consulting services.

Lean and clean autocharging for AGVs and forklifts

Wiferion’s revolutionary inductive charging systems supply energy to entire industrial vehicles fleets completely automatically, no matter what the voltage, current or battery type is. The charging innovation increases productivity by up to 32% through automated in-process charging. The UL-certified etaLINK mobile, non-contact, inductive battery charging system operates automatically and is maintenance-free. The system is designed for easy integration, limited installation space availability and flexible installation. In addition to offering more efficient energy supplies, Wiferion’s contactless wireless charging systems eliminate safety concerns due to open contacts, trip hazards and fire potential.

Florian Reiners, CEO & Co-Founder and Julian Seume, CSO at the founding of Wiferion North America Inc -
Florian Reiners, CEO & Co-Founder and Julian Seume, CSO at the founding of Wiferion North America Inc.

Over 5,000 Units sold globally

Wiferion’s system has been designed into more than 100 different industrial EV and mobile robots worldwide with more than 5,000 units sold globally, including installation in several renowned European and US automotive manufacturing facilities.

Matthieu Ebert - Key Account Manager - Sales - Wireless Charging
After the successful development of the European customer network in the last three years, Matthieu Ebert takes over the development and management of the USA company as VP.

“With our new subsidiary in Chicago, Wiferion is moving closer to the North American AMR market, enabling shorter response time and US market tailored consulting and support”, says Matthieu Ebert, Vice President of Wiferion North America Inc.

Greater Chicago area is already home to numerous Wiferion customers

The greater Chicago area such as Michigan and the US Midwest is home to numerous Wiferion customers, including one of the leading US industrial truck manufacturers.

With the new office, Wiferion offers its North American customers and European companies active in the US market short delivery times and fast service and support on site. Currently, the German technology company is hiring Customer Success, Sales and Application/Service talents to build a powerful team.

1000 watt and 3000 watt wireless charging system
The UL-certified charging system etaLINK increases productivity by up to 32% through automated in-process charging

Wireless charging has the potential to unburden the supply chain through uninterrupted operations and industrial automation. To further advance the technology, Wiferion recently entered into a global licensing agreement with WiTricity, the global leader in wireless charging for electric vehicles.

For more information about the opening of our US & North America location in Chicago, please fill out the form below.


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