Future of Intralogistics 2023

Future of Intralogistics

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The Future of Intralogistics is coming to Europe, designed exclusively for experienced people in B2B intralogistics. We don’t spend time on the basics! All sessions are free fast-paced with 20 minutes length, Q&A-packed, always informative. This is your place to learn everything new and future trends in intralogistics, such as warehouses, e-commerce and production to give your team inspiration and fresh ideas for the new year. The event is held in English.

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Here are some of our intralogistics experts

Per Augustsson

Victor Splittgerber
Waku Robotics
Founder & CEO

Dr. Hendrik Thamer

Andreas Funkenhauser

Florian Reiners

Dr. Tosja Zywietz
Member of the Executive Board

Marek Matuszewski

Sascha Feldhorst

Akash Suryanarayanan
Product Manager inventAIRy

Benedikt Heinen
Sales Engineer

Lorenz Sailer
Senior Sales Manager

Stéphane Sandner
SHERPA Mobile Robotics

Dennis Thiele
Manager Innovation New Business

Rik Lipgens
Head of Sales and Business Development

and our hosts

Andreas Löwe
Irgendwas mit Logistik
Founder & Host

Julian Seume

Day One: Next Gen Mobile Robotics

9th March

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smart & mobile collaborative robots
Future of Intralogistics

Stéphane Sandner – CSO

Presentation of use cases in realistic rendering example (tba)

SOTO - The mobile robot for the industrial production supply
Future of Intralogistics

Lorenz Sailer, Sales Manager SOTO

Several challenges like cost pressure or a shortage of workers are pushing automation of intralogistics processes. When focusing on the tote suppy there are several solutions for the transport, but for the pick up and delivery manual handling or additional equipment is still required. SOTO is an intelligent robot which combines the handling and the transport of totes and therefore automates the entire supply chain between the warehouse and the assembly line.


Magazino GmbH develops and builds intelligent, mobile robots that perceive their environment and make their own decisions. These autonomous robots work alongside people and make processes in e commerce, fashion and production logistics more flexible and efficient than ever before. With over 100 employees in Munich, Magazino is the largest Advanced Robotics team in Europe. Magazino’s investors include Jungheinrich AG, Körber AG, Zalando and Fiege Logistik.

Challenges of modern intralogistics in complex production processes.
Future of Intralogistics

Dr. Tosja Zywietz, Member of the Executive Board at SICK

Open LIVE Discussion

AGVs and safety through automation in modern intralogistics enviroments.


In the fields of factory, logistics, and process automation, sensor solutions from SICK are keeping industry moving. As a technology and
market leader, SICK provides sensor intelligence and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment. From development and production right through to sales and service, our over 10,000 qualified employees are ensuring the success of each and every sensor application.

AGV-based order picking: Safelog increases efficiency and ergonomics at an e-commerce retailer through process automation.
Future of Intralogistics - amr - agv - partner - wireless charging - contactless inductive power - inductive power transfer - wireless power

Rik Lipgens, Head of Business Development & Sales

Customised transport solutions: For its new logistics centre, the e-commerce retailer SportOkay GmbH needed automatic transport solutions. Two different processes were to be realised through the use of AGVs:
1.) the management of the bulk goods warehouse
2.) a shuttle service between small parts picking and packaging.

The focus was on reducing the ergonomic strain on the employees as well as accelerating and optimising the processes.

Based in Markt Schwaben, near Munich, SAFELOG works on the development and intelligent interconnection of innovative logistics systems. Our portfolio includes hardware and software solutions for patented, intuitively operated pick-by-light systems and automated guided vehicles.

NO AGV/AMR without digitalizing your warehouse first!
Future of Intralogistics

Benedikt Heinen, Sales Engineer

An AGV/AMR/FTS alone isn’t the way into more efficiency in the warehouse. By that, we want to talk about the importance of automated processes and the associated digital infrastructure. „How do I achieve more productivity?“ or „How do I avoid chaos in my warehouse?“ – With those common questions in mind, it will be important to address the challenges in the near future: Are you prepared to grow? – Best Case: Warsteiner Brewery and BMW!

IdentPro was founded to digitalize and automize the intralogistics. The basis of the developed Warehouse Execution System is the virtual copy of the warehouse in real time. With a retrofittable sensor kit connected to any type of pallet moving equipment (autonomous or manual), it prevents picking failure, searching or losing the handling units. The results are huge savings through improved resource utilization and the elimination of human error.

Reinventing cart based material handling
Future of Intralogistics

Per Augustsson, CTO

A short introduction to FlexQube, products and customers – FlexQubes vision of the factory of the future – Challenges and pain points with automation today – navigator presentation – worlds firs “non load carrying” AMR – Sum up


Founded 2010 with a focus on modular and industrial carts. Transforming into a robotics and automation company providing true AMR/cart systems.

WCPS - wireless charging protection system for in-ground in-process inductive charging of AGV fleets
Future of Intralogistics with PUK / PohlCon

Dennis Thiele, Manager Innovation New Business / René Hegel, Market Development Manager

The audience will learn about the in-ground and raised floor charging infrastructure solution from PohlCon and the advantages of in-process charging against conventional charging methods.

PohlCon GmbH, Manufacturer of construction products in 7 fields of application and 10 product categories

Day Two: Next Gen Intralogistics

10th March

Please press on the titles to get more information. The detailed times will be shown at registration

Process analyses of the future - With Motion-Mining to Data Gold
Future of Intralogistics

Sascha Feldhorst – CEO

How do process analyses work in times of digitalization? Advantages of automated process analysis. Example Use Cases.

Startup from Dortmund which has developed the Motion-Mining technology for the automatic analysis of manual work processes with the help of sensor technology and Machine Learning.

Mobile robotics in intralogistics - from the first robot to full-scale expansion
Future of Intralogistics

Victor Splittgerber, CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Splittgerber will present a practical guideline for mobile robotics in intralogistics – from the first robot to full-scale expansion.

WAKU Robotics facilitates the access to mobile robots by a unique combination of digital solutions for the selection, planning and procurement of the optimal robot solution.

Industrial smart watch in intralogistic
Future of Intralogistics

Andreas Funkenhauser, CEO of NIMMSTA

We present how the NIMMSTA Freehand Workflows are revolutionizing intralogistics
and generate an increase in efficiency of up to 40%.
– NIMMSTA presents itself and its innovative HS 50 back-of-hand scanner.
– Live demonstration of how the HS 50 can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing
merchandise management system.
– We will show how the touch display of the HS 50 can be configured easily and
can be configured individually.

Logistic Startup from Munich. We developed the first Smart Watch for the intralogistics.

TBA - Siemens + MHP + Wiferion
Siemens - Future of Intralogistics - Days 2022
MHP - A PORSCHE COMPANY - Future of Intralogistics - Days 2022
Wiferion - Future of Intralogistics - Days 2022


Energy efficiency in AGVs with optimization of current BMS and new charging systems
Future of Intralogistics

Özkan Öztürk & Michael Kehl

The integration of AGVs in the Digital Factory enables high flexibility in the workflow. Wiferion offers an approach to provide efficient AGV solutions. This includes the coupling to the control system and the evaluation of relevant status information. Experience how the optimal integration of AGVs can succeed and how it looks in practice.

Logistics in Smart Focus, translating Big Data generated by the wearables into Smart Data for continuous process improvement
Future of Intralogistics

Carsten Funke, CSO Picavi GmbH, CEO Picavi Inc.

We will present the feature analytics to show the different benefits of translating Big Data into Smart data.
In addition to that will show our recent installation in the autostore warehouse and the benefits the picavi
solution provides in an automated warehouse. We will introduce a new hardware product which will be
available in March 2022 and would like to give a sneak peek into the instore picking solution by Picavi.

Picavi GmbH is a full-service provider with a 100 percent dedication of its intralogistics and wearable expertise to
Pick-by-Vision solutions

One cell fit all - modular & software driven conveying technology
Future of Intralogistics

Dr. Hendrik Thamer, CEO and Co-Founder

Flexibility, performance and adaptability are the core requirements for the material handling systems of the future. The volume of packages to be conveyed is increasing and the space for new logistics centers is finite. For this reason, we need a technological leap. We would like to talk about disruptive solution based on technological progress. Our celluveyor (cellular conveyor) is based on hexagonal robotic cells, which can be assembled in an infinitely scalable way by intelligent software to perform complex conveying movements in a very small area. For this reason we speak of “softwarebased conveying”. The idea is based on upside down football robots. One cell does not move one package – many cells can move mountains. Interested – join in?

cellumation develops and builds intelligent modular technologies for automated material flow on a very small footprint.

Autonomous Solutions For Next Level Digital Logistics
Future of Intralogistics with doks.innovation

Akash Suryanarayanan, Product Manager inventairy



doks. build and provides autonomous solutions for intralogistics.

Why optimizing intralogistics doesn't start in the warehouse
Future of Intralogistics with Remira

Marek Matuszewski, CSO at REMIRA Group GmbH

Nowadays, amazing processes in intralogistics are necessary to increase efficiency. The focus is often set on picking processes, replenishment and storage processes. To be honest, intralogistics eliminates the chaos that was created in sales, but above all in procurement. So why don’t you start the intralogistics optimization before the goods arrive at the warehouse?

REMIRA is one of the leading providers of intelligent supply chain and unified commerce solutions for retail, logistics and industrial companies in all sectors. With 500 employees and annual sales of around 50 million, the company is one of the largest software companies headquartered in Germany. REMIRA has made it their mission to promote the technological progress of their customers with AI-supported cloud solutions and thus increase their economic success. Whether SME or large corporation – REMIRA supports its customers in the areas of planning, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and commerce across the entire supply chain and beyond. The company currently serves around 8,000 customers worldwide. REMIRA is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. In addition, there are 20 locations worldwide – eight of them in Germany and ten in Europe.

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