24V Lithium Battery with BMU – Toshiba SCiB™ – 22ah – LTO

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22ah 24V Lithium Battery with BMU – LTO

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Toshiba SCiB™ 24V Lithium Batterie 

Product name SCiB™ Industrial Pack (24V)
Nominal capacity 22Ah, 556Wh/44Ah, 1112Wh*
Nominal voltage DC25.3V
Voltage range DC16.5 to 29.7V
Ambient temperature -30 to 45ºC
Ambient humidity 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Max.charge/discharge current 125A(200 sec)
Product name Description
Dimensions W247× D188 × H165mm
Weight Approx. 8kg

*Using two units of [*1] in parallel the capacity can be doubled.

Why buy the Toshiba SCiB™ 22ah 24V Lithium Battery (LTO)?

These 24V Lithium Ion batteries (Lithium Titanate – LTO) can be charged and discharged with a high current of up to 125 A (for 200 seconds). They are suitable for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other small transport vehicles because there is little capacity degradation even after at least 3000 cycles. The 24-volt lithium batteries are smaller than typical lead-acid batteries and their weight is only about one-quarter that of lead-acid batteries. They can also operate at temperatures as low as -30°C. 10 years long life contributes to the reduction of total cost reduction. In addition, this battery is maintenance free! This battery does not produce hydrogen gas. The user can recharge the battery anytime and anywhere.

With conventional lithium-ion batteries, there is a risk of lithium metal buildup that can fracture the separator and cause an internal short circuit if used for an extended period of time, at very cold temperatures, or with high charging current. With SCiB™, there is no risk of lithium metal buildup.

The SCiB™ SIP series is equipped with a BMU (Battery Management System) that monitors cell voltage, current and temperature, detects faults and protects itself. You can easily handle and use as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. You can use the 24V battery with any battery charger, including inductive charging systems.

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